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Best Spawning of a Popular Watering Hole

Moe's Downtown Tavern



Moe's Downtown Tavern
5 Cumberland St. Downtown.
(843) 577-8500

We love Moe's. Always have. Even back when you had to have a key to get in. But lunches there can be a bitch. Inevitably, if you get there after noon, every table and barstool in the place is taken, leaving you to either stand awkwardly and wait or hightail it down the street to a more expensive and less satisfying lunch. Now, Moe's fans have another option. Situated down Cumberland Street, off the beaten tourist path, sits the new Moe's. They took over the old Jimmy Dengate's, removed the low tables that looked like they should have been in grandma's kitchen, and shined up the whole place, adding a crapload of flat screens. No matter where you sit, there's a game to watch. They've brought the great food, laid back vibe, and friendly service with them. Now tourists and lower peninsula residents can enjoy what makes the crosstown Moe's so damn popular, and hopefully free up some room at the bar for us.

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