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Best Spot to Feel Your Retinas Burn

Vickery's Shem Creek Bar & Grill



Vickery's Shem Creek Bar & Grill
1313 Shrimp Boat Lane. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 884-4440

Nothing beats sitting at a bar overlooking the water and watching the sun go down. A sweetie to your side makes it even better. Of course, the funny thing about the sun is, stare at it long enough and you'll go blind. (Not like we haven't heard that one before about other things.) But if there's any spot around these parts where we wouldn't mind drinking a frosty one and watching the sun set until our sight up and leaves us like a blind date at a key party, it'd be Vickery's. The view is amazing, and the food and the drinks make it even more so.

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