Best Stolen Story Idea

Mt. Pleasant Vultures

City Paper’s “USDA has been hanging dead vultures to ward off live ones in Mt. Pleasant,” Nov. 30, 2017

P&C’s “Dead vultures hanging in trees used to ward off live vultures in Mount Pleasant neighborhood,” Dec. 6, 2017

We reference the Post & Courier all the time, and there are definitely occasions where they pull info from our stories — it’s journalism, baby. But I may or may not have gotten a little buckwild-riled up about last year’s clear pilphering of our dead vulture story. OK, maybe it’s not sexy to you, but as the gal who first noticed the dead birds hanging in the trees, I felt like I’d been robbed of my dog walk narrative. It’s fine, really — the West wasn’t won in a day. I’ll be back with more dead bird stories, no doubt. —Connelly Hardaway

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