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Adderall Shortage

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College without prescription drug abuse? Why, that's like baseball without doping. Fashion modeling without Photoshop. General Electric without tax loopholes. And yet somehow, the students at our nation's universities managed to survive the Great Adderall Famine of '11, braving it out with the occasional black-market fix. Last year, pharmacies started running out of the pills, which are meant to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The culprit might have been either government regulation, rising underground sales and abuse of the drug, or a simple shortage of the requisite ingredients. Time will tell. On the bright side, a pharmacist at a CVS in the middle of the College of Charleston campus says stock levels have returned to normal since the turn of the New Year. As for the students with actual prescriptions for the medication, they may soon be waking up from a legitimate nightmare.

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