Best Stylish Dive Bar

The Royal American

Staff Pick

REV Foods wanted to create a new dive bar in NoMo. The result, the Royal American, is not quite that. Dark and off the beaten path, it could be a dive bar from the outside. But inside, it's far too purposefully decorated to be a real one. That said, it's a great "bar" bar. The decor is stylish and cool without being kitschy. But what really makes a good bar? That's right, the alcohol. And from their $4 mini-pitchers of Miller High Life to their signature rum and bourbon punches, they've got that in spades. The bartenders are also great, and the tiny menu (mostly made up of chili) is surprisingly good, so it's worth the trek uptown. But a word of caution: All of the aforementioned drinks sneak up on you, so you'll probably leave feeling boozier than you planned, and it's too far to walk to ... well, anywhere. The lesson, as always: Call a cab.

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