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Best Sub/Hoagie

Jersey Mike's



Jersey Mike's

Summerville. 1580 Old Trolley Road. 851-3365
Mt. Pleasant. 1909 Highway 17-N. 388-6300
Goose Creek. 217 St. James Ave. 569-2800
West Ashley. 64 Sycamore Ave. 766-2999
Mt. Pleasant. 280 W. Coleman Blvd. 881-7996

Along with the health crazes seizing America in the '00s came the emergence of sub shops as bona fide fast food options. Sure, you could head to one of those sub-par places with the yellow or green awnings that have national spokespeople, but Jersey Mike's understands that it's not image that's important in a hoagie -- it's taste. Accordingly, each Jersey Mike's sandwich shop slices the meat for your sandwich after you order it, not some unknown number of hours earlier, and their gut-busting vegetable options have an undeniable freshness that the other chains can't rightfully claim. Although there are plenty of wonderful, locally-owned sandwich places around town, too, Jersey Mike's has managed to fill that fast food niche with consistently delicious, speedily-prepared subs for all sizes and types of appetites. I think I hear my stomach rumbling right now...

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