Best Surrealist Set Design

Glengarry Glen Ross

Staff Pick

For the second act of David Mamet’s famous play about aggressive, desperate real estate salesmen — they’re pretty much all a-holes, too — PURE’s Charlie Calvert created a scene you could imagine coming out of a low-level office worker’s nightmare. Depicting the sales office after a break-in, the set was made of file cabinets stacked on each other — some were right-side-up, and some were flipped sideways, here and there a drawer was flung open with a cascade of paper and envelopes suspended in its fall to the ground. Salvador Dali’s melting clocks came to mind. The actors yelled and flung their earthy, vulgar obscenities at each other while pacing among this striking display, which only made its unique beauty more evident. It’s also one of the few sets outside of Broadway that we’ve seen that have ever drawn actual gasps from the audience.
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