Best Table-Top Graffiti

Tattooed Moose

Staff Pick

Compared to the relatively dusty Kitty's Fine Foods, things inside the new Tattooed Moose were a little too neat and cute when the joint opened last winter. It didn't take long to break the place in, though. In addition to the taxidermy pieces and vintage beer signs along the walls, patrons have added their own touch of ink. Mostly anonymous magic marker graffiti covers every counter space and table top. Some of the scribblings are innocent enough — little drawings and "so-and-so was here" messages. Some are cool tags for local bands, like Jason and the Juggernauts or the Royal Tinfoil. Others are downright vulgar, with varying degrees of humor. You might catch a glimpse of a Sharpie-drawn cock and balls with "McElhenney" written along the shaft, a horse making the simple demand of "Eat me," a depiction of Dracula blurting out, "I vant to suck your cock," or "Walker touches boys." And those are some of the least offensive examples.

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