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Rebekah Jacob is not your typical downtown gallery. With a roster of talented, contemporary, young (and good looking) male artists to choose from, her group shows look like something you'd see in New York, not Charleston. Last year's Summer exhibit included works from Brian Rutenberg, Tim Hussey, Kendall Messick, Timothy Pakron, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Kevin Taylor. The steamy colors of summer in Rutenberg's large-scale abstract oil paintings and Pakron's luscious red-lipped portraits grabbed viewers' attention. Provocative subject matter held the stage in Messick's photographs from his documentary film The Projectionist, about a man's fascination with the golden age of film, while a wounded elephant bathed under the moon with a naked woman in Taylor's painting. The large-scale works hanging on Jacobs' white walls packed a powerful punch in the early heat of the summer, reminding viewers that the visual art scene does not stop when Spoleto heads out of town

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