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Charleston Rainbows

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Let’s face it: The Rainbows were a way cooler team name than the RiverDogs. Do you know what a river dog is? We heard it was slang for a wharf rat, but Merriam-Webster tells us it’s another word for the hellbender, an aquatic salamander. Anyway, folks who’ve lived in Charleston awhile remember the old team name and jerseys, which featured a spiffy rainbow spanning the state of South Carolina. As a promotional event during last year’s Charleston Pride Festival, the RiverDogs wore throwback jerseys from the Rainbows era and gave the first-pitch honors to local drag queen Patti O’Furniture. The stadium gift shop even carried some limited-edition Rainbows merchandise, and we’re sure it sold out quickly, as it always does when they bring it back. This all got us thinking: Why not just revert back to the old team name permanently? Charlie T. RiverDog could stay, though. He’s still the best mascot this town has ever seen.
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