Best Tongue-Torching Sauce

Housemade Sriracha at Tasty Thai & Sushi

Staff Pick

Oh, the sweet, sweet burn. If you love Asian cuisine and hot sauce, you have no doubt gone through a few bottles of Huy Fong's ketchup-red sriracha (you know, the kind with the rooster logo). But when your tastebuds develop a tolerance and you're jonesing for a stronger fix, Tasty Thai has just what you need. Sushi chef David deGuia prepares his own take on the classic Thai condiment, and it's noticeably hotter than the grocery-store version. Like sweat-behind-the-ears hot. But there's a lot more going on with the flavor: The sweetness is still there, but it's tempered by a secret blend of spices that combine with the chili peppers to pack a wallop worthy of even the most seasoned hot-sauce tough guy or gal. Just make sure you don't touch your eyes after eating it. Seriously.

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