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Le Farfalle’s Tuscan White Truffleq

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Caitlin and Michael Toscano didn’t just bring their Big Apple cred to our restaurant scene when they opened Le Farfalle last year. They also brought a little bit of restaurant flair. The giant wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano served pre-meal was the first indication they were going to treat dinner a little differently, but their outrageous truffle service sealed the deal. For $50, I shrugged off my baller on a budget status and indulged in flakes of Tuscan white truffle shavings. But it wasn’t like they just popped the plate of truffle-topped agnolotti in front of me. Oh no. “Eleanor” the truffle wagon pulled up first. Then the waiter pulled out a scale, placed it next to my bowl of agnolotti, and like a geology experiment, revealed what looked like a rare geode — the almighty truffle. He weighed it, shaved off a handful of pieces, returned the ’shroom to the drug scale, weighed it again, and, pleased with his findings, returned it to the cart. You bet I felt like a queen —Kinsey Gidick
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