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For a while there, our very own Mat Catastrophe was the undisputed king troll of the Chucktown Twitter-verse, but then, sadly, Mat Charmaggedon, Mat Kerfluffe, Mr. Snarkalapagus, etc. etc., no longer spends the majority of his days slinging snark. And with Mat out of the picture, Charles Powell, a.k.a. @foodmancing, has stepped in. Whether he's ragging on Southern Charm ("I'm working on the #charmageddon board game as we speak. Loosely based on Shoots & Ladders. Tentative title: "Man Sluts & Crabs'") or being clever ("That time my mouth wrote a Creed-NWA mashup check my ass can't cash") or just being bitchy ("I really need to live in a less religious country. But most of those have awful TV and charge you for refills of Coke"), Powell is good for one good daily laugh, if not more. Forget his food coverage. Follow him for his jokes.
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