Best Underground Artist Who Looks Like a Pro Wrestler

Phillip Hyman

Staff Pick

A Charleston native who has traveled all over the world drilling exploratory oil wells, Phillip Hyman looks more like a pro wrestler than a painter — seriously, the guy's got a set of guns. He's also one of the Lowcountry's hardest working artists. He's the kind of guy who is willing and able to do almost any job to promote the underground art scene — "The Machine" never stops working. He only needs a few hours of sleep each night — "I can't turn it off," he says of his obsessive work habits that include creating his own art and curating underground art shows. His work varies from murals to spray paint to house restoration and stencils. Hyman says he is money poor but emotionally rich and that he takes pleasure in knowing he's providing unknown artists with a jumping-off point so their art can reach a wider audience.

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