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The Bar at Husk

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If you step inside downtown’s celebrated restaurant Husk hoping to grab a drink at the bar, you will be disappointed. In fact, you might as well head out the front door. Why? The bar is located in a separate building next door, you silly. (Do you really think we’d tell you to pass up on Executive Chef Travis Grimes’ cooking? Hecks to the no.) Anyhow, the Bar at Husk is a charming little spot where you can grab a few lost-classic cocktails — like Charleston Light Dragoon punch — along with a few newbs. More importantly, the bar is arguably the Holy City’s preeminent shrine to bourbon and whiskey — personally, we can’t wait to get our hands on a glass of Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon. Bonus: You can order Chef Sean Brock’s stellar Husk Cheeseburger, made with Benton’s Bacon, which is, without question, the best bacon you’ll ever get your greasy little hands on.
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