Best Urban Planning Decision for Traffic Jams

The Standard on Maybank Highway

Staff Pick

Because anyone who leaves James Island from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on a weekday knows that Maybank Highway and Folly Road (before the Wappoo Bridge) is already a three-ring clusterfuck, which "flows" to two more rings of clusterfuck as it meets Highways 17 and 61, and because Maybank Highway needs more developments like a bearded lady needs more facial hair — this year's worst urban planning decision goes to The Standard, a 280-unit apartment complex going up in the former Maybank Forest property, soon to be followed by even more development across Folly Road and even more on Fleming Road. Thanks to the City and the County who okayed the sale of these acreages right and left for housing (instead of greenspace, parks, preserves), urban planning for James Island is going about as well as a rookie knife thrower's act done blindfolded.
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