Best Use of Frozen Spuds Since Elementary School

Tater Tot Dinner

Staff Pick

Besides being a kick-ass bar and PBR king, the Recovery Room is known for some tachos, a.k.a. tater tot nachos. So what better place to organize a guest chef dinner starring the frozen spuds? Yeah, we couldn't think of another place either. Last September, cooks from the Rec Room, the now-defunct Green Door, Craftsmen, the Rarebit, and Will Fincher prepared some of the fanciest tot meals known to man. Some may have cheated a little — we're pretty sure Brannon Florie's creation used a hashbrown rather than a tot, but we ate the whole thing so who are we to quibble. There was oxtail and kimchi, pesto and Yorkshire pudding. We were in carb heaven and almost had to be rolled out the door. The potatoes were paired with Palmetto's ales, so we had plenty to wash down the starchy dreams. It was an evening in gluttonous and unpretentious heaven.
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