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  • Ruta Smith

Are you surprised that Amy Rose’s Red Rose Vintage has picked up a win for Best Vintage Clothing Store for two years running? Because I’m not. As a fellow vintage seller, I’m constantly in awe of the business savvy, creativity, and passion this woman puts into Red Rose’s mobile business every single day.

The fact that she scoots about town in a beautifully refurbished Airstream a.k.a. Dreamstream is a big draw but Rose’s wealth of great ideas don’t stop there. She’s up each morning at five sipping on a cold brew from The Daily, readying for a full day of posting tons of “new” stock, launching fresh, imaginative ways to engage with fans, and giving her customers, who she clearly loves, constant Instagram updates on all-things Red Rose (plus pics of her adorable dog and some super insightful home-improvement stuff from casa de Amy — all of which we dig). “Red Rose is my passion. I absolutely love what I do, but even more, it’s my life,” Rose says. “I eat, sleep, and breathe it. I’ve worked my whole life for it. I have the best customers ever — they inspire me, motivate me, and we make all the decisions together.” She has let her entire following — nearly 10,000 on Insta alone, people — into her fascinating, inspiring world, and we are eating out of the palm of her hand, eager to see what’s next. An early morning try-on session? Some new, rad items for her separate Red Rose Lottery Insta account? A giveaway? A heart-to-heart on why the movie Jaws calms her anxiety? Yes, yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes. Rose says, “I could list a hundred things I’m super proud of that we’ve accomplished, but I’m even more excited about our future plans and what’s to come.” —Kelly Rae Smith

Runner-up: Exchange Factor

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