Best Water Glass That’s Almost Too Pretty To Drink Out Of


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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Sorry, Snow, but goat.sheep.cow.north. takes the cake, or, carefully crafted charcuterie plate. Yes, the cheese is divine and the accompanying meat and fruit is perfection incarnate. But let’s talk about the water glasses. Cut crystal that catches either the sunlight or the light from the lamps placed along the marble counter, this is glassware you’d see in a museum, or, maybe even at your rich friend’s house. The glass is deliciously heavy, and honestly it doesn’t hold that much H2O. But by God do we feel bougie holding it, photographing it, and gripping it to see if maybe its glamour will rub off on us. It’s the first time a water glass has usurped a wine glass in our minds, and that’s saying something. —Mary Scott Hardaway
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