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Yoga Pop

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If you hadn’t noticed, Charleston is home to a ton of yoga studios and teachers. From Charleston Power Yoga to Bendy Brewski (practice yoga, drink beer), to Jivamukti, there’s a type of yoga for everyone. Yoga Pop first started in April 2014 with a special extra-large yoga class taught at the Visitor Center bus shed, live music, and inspiring speakers. With four events under its belt (the most recent one was just a few weeks back), Yoga Pop is bringing the yoga community together in an awesome show of togetherness. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve held the tree pose while holding hands with your neighbors. Yoga Pop is also a great yoga introduction for all those non-yogis out there. If you’ve ever wanted to hit the mat, but weren’t really sure when, how, and why (for peace, man, for peace), then hit up the next Yoga Pop. The live music will get you rockin’, and the great teachers will bend you in ways you never thought possible. Namaste, y’all. —Connelly Hardaway
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