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Bunting Natural History Gallery

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Long before man ravaged the land of the free, before wild saloons served up knock-ya-down whiskey while fellas dueled in the streets, before all this there were the animals who ruled the world, roaming the fields and swimming the seas and flying the skies. Charleston Museum may be more than two centuries old, but a moth-ball ridden old bore it is not — in the museum’s new and improved Bunting Natural History exhibit, even the most history-averse visitor is drawn in. The 4,000 square foot natural history space was transformed last year by local designer, taxidermist, and owner of design company Sisal Creative, Becca Barnet. In addition to refreshing and restoring various specimens on display, Barnet helped plan the layout of the exhibit. And it’s worth the price of admission. From the giant sloth that is still making our skin crawl, to the so-real-you-want-to-run mammals with sharp eyes and even sharper teeth to the beautifully feathered flying wonders, it’s a walk-through the whole family will enjoy. Just remind the little ones the bears don’t bite. —Mary Scott Hardaway
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