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Bill Walsh

Staff Pick

If you watch Live 5 News, you know chief meteorologist Bill Walsh, or at least you think you know him. He's just the friendly local weatherman, right? The gregarious, grinning green-screen guru who gets us through hurricane season? Wrong. What you didn't know about Bill Walsh is that he's also a gritty crime novelist in the style of John Grisham and Tom Clancy. The cover of his 2013 debut novel, The Umbrella Option, features a cruise ship with a mushroom-cloud explosion billowing out of the roof. The inside of the book is equally intense. For 279 pages, Secret Agent Jake Stein tries to stop terrorists from smuggling a nuclear device onto a boat and detonating it off the coast of Miami, tangling with the mob and the feds in the process. Read this book, and you'll never watch the weather the same way again. You'll find yourself coming up with catchphrases like, "Cloudy ... with a chance of danger."
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