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A year or so ago the hype emanating from The Post and Courier headquarters was out of hand. They were reinventing their weekly entertainment supplement, Preview, and it was going to take Charleston by storm. And, well, it didn't. Not only that, the new publication took its name from one of our regular features (Scene), which really stuck in our craw. But worse than creating so much hype and following it with so little substance, they went on to make a series of journalistic blunders that really pissed us off. What kind of journalistic blunders, you ask? Like stealing other people's work. A month ago, we discovered several small posts that were nearly taken verbatim from our website, one of them being one of their editor's picks. Really? In this day and age you're going to take content from the newspaper down the street? Bad idea. Another journalistic lapse? Not providing full disclosure. Their jazz columnist writes about events and organizations that he's involved in with little or no disclosure. Every time he covers the Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC) or the Charleston Jazz Orchestra (CJO), it's a conflict of interest since he's an advising member on JAC's board of directors. He should be a source of information about the JAC and CJO, not the journalist assigned to pen previews and reviews, all of which have been overwhelmingly positive over the past few years. Charleston Scene only recently added a tag at the end of the column identifying the writer as a "founding board member of Jazz Artists of Charleston." At least it's a start, and perhaps that means someone over at the P&C is starting to pay attention to what's going on at this seemingly unsupervised outpost.

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