Best Wes Anderson Set

Saint Alban

Staff Pick

We thought Tim Mink and Brooks Reitz had nailed it with Leon’s, but then restaurateurs unveiled Saint Alban and we realized that no, this is their magnum opus, their very own Wes Anderson set. One has to applaud Mink and Reitz for the level of detail they’ve gone to, even hiring extras in oversized glasses to gaze contemplatively out the front window with cappuccinos in hand. Not to mention the fact that we heard Reitz has Bill Murray on retainer for a surprising cameo later this Spring — we hear he makes an appearance as Ari Kolender’s sous. Clearly Saint Alban is the site of Anderson’s next film. Why else would they tie butcher’s twine around hard boiled eggs or keep smoked salmon sandwiches in an unrefrigerated glass container if not to convince the filmmaker of the coffee shop’s excellent soundstage qualities? Don’t forget us for a bit part, guys. We took Theatre 101 and have a Boy Scout uniform and a red tracksuit at the ready.
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