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To be the mayor of Charleston, you have to live inside the city limits. Pretty simple rule. And it makes sense. You want to be led by someone who deals with the same challenges as everyone else. We’re not saying that someone who doesn’t live in the city doesn’t know those problems. In fact, Ginny Deerin, who ran for mayor last year, probably knows those issues better than 90 percent of us. But when she filed to run last year, she was still a longtime resident of Sullivan’s Island. Can’t say we blame her there. And she made the most of having to stick to the letter of the law. Renting a townhome on Bees Ferry Road, Deerin said she wanted to experience the hellish West Ashley traffic we all do. Deerin didn’t prevail in her mayoral bid, but she did a good job of furthering the discussion of growth and transportation issues. —Sam Spence
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