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Avondale Wine and Cheese

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When longtime wine- and cheesemonger Manoli Davani Grayson decided it was time to incubate some babies and give up her little shop in Avondale, she wanted to find the right buyers. She didn't want someone just after her liquor license, a much-harder-to-get asset in Avondale these days. She entertained plenty of offers, but settled on Lewis Dodson and his girlfriend Jessica Krofta, who wanted to keep it a wine shop but add desserts to the menu. While Manoli's shop was like being in your best friend's sitting room, clutter and all, Dodson has cleared the place out, adding high-top tables and a more streamlined operation. While we miss Grayson's wine knowledge and love of the Old World, we appreciate the direction the new owners have taken it. They've stayed true to the neighborhood, that's for sure.
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