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For college students up in Columbia, one of the best date nights has to be watching a double feature at the drive-in movie theater in Monetta after devouring a pair of Chipotle burritos with Negra Modelo. Sure, there are more authentic Mexican spots to be found around the capital city — a little West Columbia grocery called La Estrella comes to mind — but when you're balancing a college budget by eating a $10 pot of pasta for an entire week, you want your rare dining-out experiences to yield either leftovers or a very full stomach. Chipotle delivers with intimidatingly large burritos (a fully loaded one clocks in at about 1,100 calories). So what sets Chipotle apart from the other Tex-Mex chains known for packing a veritable feast inside a flour tortilla? Maybe it's the (quasi-) locally sourced produce, bought from farms within 350 miles of the restaurant. Maybe it's the bright flavor of the signature cilantro-lime rice. All we know is that our mouths are already watering as we wait for the North Charleston location to open in May. The Mt. Pleasant franchise is slated for completion by November. Now if we could just get a drive-in movie theater.

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