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If you ask Angry Grandpa, Pope Benedict XVI was a darned fool to retire. In a Feb. 11 YouTube video that has been viewed more than 66,000 times, he lays out the case: “You ain’t never gotta buy food, ’cause you get your food free. You get paid vacations and trips whenever you want. You ride around in the best cars in the world. You don’t have to worry about buying clothes. You probably got credit cards to everything. You got a free home. And all you got to do, kiss a baby on the ass, hug an old lady, delegate, delegate, delegate!” According to the Facebook page he links to on YouTube, Angry Grandpa’s real name is Charles Green, and he lives in North Charleston. At last count, his channel ( had 155,000 subscribers. Other noteworthy videos include “Grandpa Ruins Christmas,” “Angry Grandpa - PISSED About Twinkies!” and “ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS TV!” In that last one, you get to see him smash a television with a crowbar. Comedy gold.
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