Wide Angle Lunch Series features talks on breasts and Bach



Knockers. Jugs. Sweater puppies. Whatever you want to call them, few body parts are as talked about in our society as breasts, yet none are as misunderstood. In her new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, acclaimed journalist and author Florence Williams takes her readers through a social and scientific exploration of an astonishingly complex and beautiful element of motherhood. And you’ll get a chance to hear her speak at the Charleston Library Society’s Wide Angle Lunch Series on Thurs. Nov. 1.

The series also includes talks with book reviewer Rupert Edis on Afghanistan: a Personal and Literary Exploration (Sept. 25), pianist Timothy Birendra Marthand on Bringing Bach to India (Nov. 7), University of Cambridge Peterhouse Fellow Professor John Adamson on King Charles I as Art Collector (Nov. 15), and Georgia State University’s Joe Perry on Christmas in Germany (Dec. 6).

See charlestonlibrarysociety.org for more.

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