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Blotter: Blame it on the weather

Move over, shower beer


  • Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the week:An officer was patrolling Waterfront Park when he noticed a fully-clothed woman bathing herself in the fountain with a bar of soap, a blue towel, and an open can of beer sitting on one of the fountain pillars. When the officer advised her that the fountain was not a tub, she said she was only in it because it was hot.

A West Ashley woman thinks that the man who used to cut her grass stole her lawnmower from her backyard. Incidentally, their business relationship ended several years ago when he started asking if he could have some of her stuff.

About 100 high school students stopped in the middle of the hallway to watch a fight that broke out during a class change. It took five staff members to break it up. One party was cited for disorderly conduct, while the other was referred to family court because he was under 17.

A representative for owners of a downtown building called the police after a tenant hired a company to cut down trees without permission.

An employee at a West Ashley eyewear store told police that a man with "short hair and crooked teeth" reached into a display and put $317 worth of merchandise in his drawstring bag.

Teachers and administrators at a downtown school received emails from student accounts that didn't seem to match up with their personalities. One of them read, "y'all can kiss my fishy black ass and y'all can suck my big black dick."

A man was ticketed for having an open container at Waterfront Park. He told an officer that he was in a lot of pain from a swollen foot, and that his daughter was killed in a car accident three days earlier. The officer noted that although his "toe looked very bad, he refused EMS." He was advised to leave the park with his second, unopened beer.

Two men entered the Apple Store and stole eight Apple Watches worth $400 each from the display counter.

A man allegedly slapped his girlfriend and left her stranded at a gas station after he claimed that she "smelled like another man."

Cops were called after a man and a woman couldn't pay their tab at a Daniel Island bar. A search revealed that the woman is a missing person from Georgia who suffers from schizophrenia and has been off her medication since January.

A man left a downtown bar with another man who promised to walk him home. During the walk, the second guy reached into the first guy's pockets, pulled out his debit card and $200 in cash, and ran off.

A man who had recently been discharged from MUSC was observed standing on the sidewalk in blue scrubs pants and exposing himself. While speaking to officers, the man pulled down his pants and showed his genitals twice more.

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