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Blotter: Bus stop rage

Getting the Boot


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Blotter o' the Week: A woman approached a group of strangers waiting at a bus stop and began attacking them with an umbrella for unknown reasons. The attacker then ripped off a piece of the bus stop bench and proceeded to swing it at a woman standing nearby. The suspect fled before officers could arrive on scene.

An intoxicated man fell into the door of a downtown bar. When the man's friend arrived to escort him home, the suspect ran off and staggered into a parked taxi cab. After attempting to attack the cab driver, who was seated in his vehicle, the man was taken into custody.

A woman was found sleeping in a parking garage downtown. She was unable to recall how she ended up asleep in that location, but said she had been drinking wine and eating pizza earlier in the evening before she visited a bar with a group of friends from Ohio. The woman told officers that on a previous visit to that same bar, she had mixed wine and Xanax and fell "right to sleep," according to an incident report.

A burglar unsuccessfully attempted to pry a safe from the floor of a business.

A shoe store employee gave away more than $750 in free footwear to her friends over the course of eight months. After the woman's boss found out about her generosity, she was given the boot.

A man punched his fist through a wall after his mother asked him to turn off a television. The mother refused to press charges against her adult son, but told police that she just didn't know what to do with "her boy" and hoped he would get a job and move out of her home.

A man was arrested after stealing $1 from a tip jar in a Japanese restaurant. When confronted by restaurant staff, the man asked if he could buy a drink, according to an incident report.

During a traffic stop, an officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from a vehicle and a dark yellow wax substance sitting on the center console. When asked about the suspicious substance, the informative offender told the officer, "It's wax. ... Instead of smoking bud, you can smoke with wax."

Police assisted a driver whose truck had become stuck in the mud. The driver told officers that he veered off the road intentionally because he "saw a big puddle on the side of the road and wanted to drive through it," according to an incident report. Officers found marijuana inside the truck during a search of the vehicle.

A man was confronted on the street by a former roommate after he filed a restraining order against her. The woman said, "Do you know who signed this paper?" before she began to rip up the document and eat the pieces. As she continued to shred the papers, the woman told the victim, "This is how much I care about the Charleston Police Department" and "I love you. God loves you."

A newly installed oven was stolen from an apartment that is under construction.

After being pulled over for running a stop sign, a driver told police that he uses marijuana daily, sniffs cocaine whenever he has the money to do so, and trades crack for "tricks."

Officers stopped an intoxicated man after he was seen stumbling down the street and talking to parked cars one afternoon. When police asked how much he had to drink that day, the man said, "Two beers" as he held up four fingers. The man was unable to tell the officers where he was or where he was going, but he ended up taking a trip to jail.

A man was bamboozled while attempting to sell his reptile tank online for $100. When the man received a check for $600, he agreed to wire $500 back to the buyer. After the $600 check bounced, the victim realized he was dealing with a real snake in the grass.

Several men were stopped by police after it was discovered that they were selling vacuum cleaners door to door without a business license.

An intoxicated man was spotted stumbling around King Street late one night. When questioned by police, the man said, "I'm just walking down the street drunk," according to an incident report.


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