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Blotter: Cheesy sibling rivalry

Incorrect Piercing



Blotter o' the Week: Two adult siblings who share a residence began to argue after the sister returned home to find that all their cheese sticks had been eaten and the dishes had not been washed, according to an incident report. During their argument, the sister took her brother's Playstation and threw it off the balcony into the parking lot. The dispute ended when the woman struck her brother on the head with a beer bottle.

After driving the wrong way down a one-way street and colliding with a parked car, a driver told an officer that he was visiting Charleston and had become lost on the way back to his hotel room. It turns out the tanked tourist had one too many drinks at a nearby oyster bar before getting behind the wheel and shucking up his visit.

A man is reported to have continually harassed a woman and her roommates after he entered the piercing salon where she works and alleged that she "incorrectly pierced him," according to an incident report. Other encounters include the suspect emptying the gas tank of his broken-down moped on their front porch and throwing rocks at their windows.

A woman was walking her dog one morning when she came across a zip-lock bag of crystal meth on the sidewalk.

One man left his laundry on the sidewalk while he briefly ran back into his home to get something he had forgotten. Upon exiting his house, the man noticed that his laundry was now missing. The officer noted that the clothes were left on the sidewalk during trash collection day and may have been considered garbage.

Police responded to reports of a woman running around her neighborhood screaming that people were trying to kill her. According to an incident report, officers believe that the woman was under the influence of some sort of hallucinogen that caused her to believe that she was being chased by five van-loads of strangers.

An officer located an intoxicated man sleeping in a parking lot one evening. After checking the suspect's ID, the officer asked him if there was anyone he could call for a ride home. The man told the officer that he would need to contact the person pictured on his ID, according to an incident report. When asked by the officer if he was the man on his ID, the suspect replied, "Yes, I need to call myself."

A woman is suspected of pocketing several pieces of jewelry before buying a single item and leaving the store. Fortunately, she provided her name and email address to the cashier when asked if she wanted to sign up for the store's mailing list.

After being asked to sit down on the sidewalk during questioning, an intoxicated man proceeded to throw his cell phone, car keys, and wallet at an officer.

An intoxicated man fell asleep inside of a downtown sandwich shop late one evening. Officers responded to the scene to find the suspect lying on the floor curled up in the fetal position. The man was unable to stay awake after the officer tried to rouse him, and he was ultimately carried out on a stretcher.

While walking home one evening, a man was approached by a stranger who accused him of stealing his cigar. After emptying his pockets to show that he did not have the cigar on his person, the man was punched in the face by the stranger who fled the scene.

An officer watched a woman take a seat on a park bench and begin to shout at the person next to her. When questioned by the officer, the suspect said that it was her birthday and she was allowed to be drunk, according to an incident report. The officer later noted that the woman's actual birthday was three days prior to her public outburst.

A woman called police to report that her boyfriend had taken too much LSD and locked himself inside the bathroom, according to an incident report. When the officers arrived, they found water streaming out from underneath the bathroom door. After wrestling the naked man out of the shower, he was given a towel and taken to a hospital.

A mother and daughter were moving into a new apartment when the daughter's friend suddenly began saying random things, stripped naked, and began running around the apartment complex yelling. The man was later found across the street at a nearby appliance store — still naked.

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