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Blotter: Facing the chicken

Taking Charge



Blotter o' the Week: Four days after being banned from the premises of a fried chicken restaurant, a man showed up on the property and scared some customers by pressing his face against the window.

Witnesses say they saw a man punch a hole in a glass door with his fist after being escorted out of a nightclub.

A man says he was "play-fighting" with his friends when another man started filming them. He didn't want to be filmed, so he started real-fighting the man with the camera.

An officer saw a woman walk out of a bar and place a lit cigarette on the back of a man's neck. The officer arrested her, but the man said he didn't want to press charges.

Pedestrian o' the Week: Around 2 a.m., a man was seen jumping on his friend's back as the friend was crossing the street, causing some cars to stop to avoid hitting them. He then turned toward the cars, both middle fingers held aloft, and said, "Fuck you! Wooo!"

Witnesses say someone driving a cable company van did a hit-and-run on a parked vehicle.

A police officer saw a man sitting on the sidewalk holding a sign that read, "Pot Fund." The officer handed the man a ticket for soliciting in a prohibited zone.

Following what started out as a simple traffic stop, an officer arrested one man on the following charges: Illegally tinted windows, lack of a license plate light, disregarding a stop sign, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container of beer in a motor vehicle, and jumping out of a moving vehicle. It turned out the man also had active warrants out for leaving the scene of an accident without injuries, driving under suspension, speeding, reckless driving, and jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Weapon o' the Week: A laptop charger to the face.

A man was found sleeping in front of the main entrance to a dollar store at 5:30 p.m. with an open can of beer beside him.

A woman was checking her credit card statements and realized that someone had used her card number to make purchases at Walmarts in four different cities over the course of two days.

An officer says he was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a teenage driver failed to yield to him, forcing him to run back onto the sidewalk to avoid being hit.

A woman says she was turning left at an intersection when a man on a bicycle ran a stop sign and hit her bumper, getting his bicycle tire caught under a wheel of the car. The woman says the man jumped up and started cussing her out, until several witnesses walked up and said they had seen him blow the stop sign. He took off running, and the driver filed a hit-and-run complaint with the police.

Neighborhood Drama o' the Week: A man called police to report that a neighbor had been taking photos of his kids through her window blinds. When police questioned her, the woman said the kids had been fishing in the neighborhood pond and throwing rocks at trains and that she was taking photos "to show to the HOA that the kids were breaking the rules."

A tour company manager says that after he fired an employee, $540 disappeared from the cash box. He suspects the thief was either the fired employee or the ex-employee's girlfriend.

A department store loss prevention officer saw a man walk into a dressing room with a single pair of blue boxer shorts on a hanger and come out with an empty hanger. The officer stopped the man, who cooperated by going into a bathroom and taking off the stolen undies.

After a woman in a neighboring apartment called the police to report finding a bullet hole in her apartment wall, a man told an officer, "I was cleaning my gun and it went off into the wall. I meant to go check on my neighbors, but I had to go to work."

A woman saw a man whom she described as "erect and very well-endowed" sitting on a manhole cover beside a bike path masturbating in plain view.

Several sales representatives at a homebuilding company signed up for a motivational speaker's $300-plus seminar before one of them Googled the speaker and discovered he had been accused of ripping people off and cancelling events across the country.

When an officer caught a man drinking from a tall can of beer in a parking lot, he said, "It's just been a long, hard day."

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