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Blotter: Go ligers, go

Dressed for their skills and magic



Blotter o' the Week: An underage man dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite attempted to use a fake ID to enter a downtown bar. After being stopped by police, the man admitted to officers that he didn't have any friends with him, and he was placed under arrest. Fortunately for the officers, the man did not utilize any of his sweet karate moves or unleash his liger.

A fight broke out in a bar when one man allegedly attacked another man whom he believed was trying to urinate on him. A witness told an officer that the man who was hit in the face was joking about pulling out his penis, but a "friend of a friend" stopped him. The man was arrested later in the evening after he ran out in front of traffic to scream at an officer.

A woman had her teenage daughter serve as lookout while she shoplifted from a department store, according to an incident report. The woman was apprehended by store security, but when offered the chance to pay for the items, she cursed at the store staff and ran off, leaving behind her driver's license.

Two teens were attempting to perform the now classic "bottle flip" trick with a full-sized fire extinguisher when the stunt went awry and damaged a nearby window. Just remember folks, it's not as easy as it looks on the internet.

A woman called police after her son took his child to a Halloween party, got drunk, and forgot to bring the kid home. Later, police located the kid, and were told by a pair of actual adults that they had taken the child in after seeing how drunk his father had become. During later questioning, the dad was unable to recall how he had gotten back home, but was pretty sure that his son and daughter were there with him. Thankfully, they were not.

A man was found trespassing around a local school late one evening. Continuing to drink his beer as he spoke with the officer, the man said he was "about to have a romantic rendezvous with a female."

A cashier at a department store is suspected of concealing a small barcode sticker in her palm, which she would scan while carrying out transactions for friends. The hidden barcode would charge customers only 44 cents per item, rather than the full retail price.

A heavily intoxicated man was sitting outside of a stranger's home when the police were called. The man told police what he believed to be his actual address, but upon arriving there, they found the man's keys could not unlock the door. The man's former roommate then answered and told police the man had moved out more than a month ago.

One student threw an iPad across a classroom after he was told he couldn't go to the library. The student then approached his teacher and dug his fingernails into her arm. The student later grabbed his teacher's laptop and bent it in half while he stared at her the entire time.

An intoxicated man wearing hospital scrubs found sleeping outside of a school was stopped by police when he attempted to purchase more beer. When questioned by officers, he was unable to remember his address, but was certain that "God brought him here." Sounds like he needs a divine intervention.

Officers observed a late-night pedicab chase downtown after three suspects allegedly attempted to steal one of the vehicles. The bicycle bandits were trailed in hot pursuit by a duo of pedicab drivers, according to an incident report.

Two passengers in a cab began to argue during their ride downtown. After swearing at the driver, the male passenger suddenly asked to be dropped off. After giving the driver $20 for a $14 fare, he said, "Keep the fucking change" before allegedly hitting the driver in the face and fleeing the scene.

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