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Blotter: Hit-and-Run Fairy

Thanks, stranger


  • Steve Stegelin

The Blotter is taken from Charleston Police Department reports. We've added a cartoon and a little commentary. We've added a little humor, too. No one has been found guilty. This is not a court of law.

Blotter o' the week: A woman going to work found a note under her windshield wiper saying, "your vehicle was backed into" with a car's make, model, and tag number. Thanks, Hit-and-Run Fairy!

A woman contacted police after hearing her car alarm outside her bedroom. Upon inspection, she says she saw a dark SUV leaving and told police that she found her window broken. A bag, a purse, her passport, credit card, gift cards, and $50 were stolen.

An employee showed up to work to find a door cracked, but the security alarm still armed. While trying to figure out why the door might have been opened, the man found $1,900 worth of lawn equipment stolen and noticed that a security camera normally facing the door was turned away and a nearby floodlight was smashed.

A woman vacationing in Charleston told police that after purchasing a discounted massage on a popular coupon service, she was inappropriately touched by the masseuse during a 90-minute massage.

A police officer assisting city crews clear trash from an intersection downtown around 1 p.m. one afternoon found prescription drug bottles containing about 100 pills.

A police officer attempted to give a man stumbling near King Street a ride home, but when the man continued trying to walk away, he was booked for public intoxication.

A man was casually reviewing home security camera footage when he spotted a man enter his unlocked garage and leave with an umbrella and a water bottle.

A man called police one morning to report that four AR-15 magazines had been stolen from his truck overnight, which police say may have been left unlocked.

A man told police he was talking on the phone and not paying attention when he ran into a woman's car in West Ashley. Police then found the man was driving with a suspended license and a pending arrest warrant. When he was booked at the county jail, authorities found a bag of weed in his pocket. Damn, dude.

A Johns Island convenience store employee was smoking a cigarette outside when another man entered, went behind the counter, and stuffed several cartons of Kool and Virginia Slims cigarettes into a garbage bag. But the thief told the employee, "I got you," so it's cool.

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