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Blotter: Young at heart

Go Karts are cool at any age


  • Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the week: In a James Island parking lot, officers found a man next to a flipped over go-kart. He had scratches all over his legs and a bone sticking out of his arm, according to police. The victim was 50 years old. Who says adults don't know how to have fun?

A gardening tool "similar to a rack" and a knife were used in an altercation in Marion Square. The two belligerents had different accounts about who started the fight, but we really just want to know if the officer meant to write "rake" in the report.

One North Carolina resident left a handgun at a downtown hotel, not realizing it was missing until they returned home. He called the hotel to let them know he lost it, and the firearm was retrieved by hotel staff. Look at this guy forgetting his handgun and leaving it behind. Just a few days in South Carolina, and he goes native.

If you think hand sanitizer can only kill 99.9 percent of germs, think again. One individual used a bottle of hand sanitizer to prop open a security shutter while he crawled through it. The offender stole a cash register till that had nothing in it, but was worth a "few hundred dollars."

And it happened again. This time, a Georgia woman returned to her home state after a medical procedure at MUSC, only to find that she left her handgun behind. Please stop leaving your guns in Charleston, we have enough.

During a traffic stop in downtown Charleston, the driver of the stopped vehicle told the officer he needed to check under his seat for his cell phone, which had his ID. The officer told him to not do that, and after seeing a small bag of marijuana on the center console, commenced a search. Don't worry, the driver's cell phone was found — it was under the seat.

A young man was caught stealing five bottles of wine from a downtown store and fled the scene on a bicycle. This sounded far more impressive before we read the line about him stuffing the bottles into a large backpack.

Police on scene had thought it was a simple vandalism when they saw a rock inside a store that had been thrown through the front window, as it seemed nothing inside had been disturbed or taken. On review of security footage, however, they saw a man enter the store through the broken window, and take two Bai juice drinks from the refrigerator display before leaving the same way he came in.

Two handguns were stolen from motor vehicles. At least they were S.C. residents.

When most people think of a shoplifter, they think of the sneaky, rogue types, ducking behind counters and slipping items into pockets with employees none the wiser. This guy didn't get the memo, as he walked into a pharmacy, grabbed a bunch of pill bottles in full view of the employees, and walked out without a care in the world.

We've discussed Charleston officers' bloodhound-like noses on a few occasions, but they must have impressive hearing, too. They seem especially attuned to the sound of freshly cracked sour grape Four Loko.

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