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Blue October halts Pick Up the Phone Tour

Singer hospitalized, tour canceled, no Music Farm show



The Houston, Texas-based alt-rock band Blue October was planning to kick off its month-long Pick Up the Phone Tour this evening in Charleston at the Music Farm, but they just announced the cancellation of the entire trip due to lead singer Justin Furstenfeld's sudden hospitalization.

According to a press release today, Furstenfeld, who was also the spokesperson for Pick Up The Phone Tour, is being treated for suffering from an extreme mental anxiety attack. His doctors have ordered that the tour — which was committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health, depression, and suicide — be canceled to allow for his recovery.

"Mental health diseases are unpredictable," says Furstenfeld. "And on the eve of this tour, in support of a cause that means the world to me, I am in need of time to heal from a setback in my own personal life, which is severe enough for me to seek hospitalization. I hope that my action to seek the strength and safety of treatment will inspire others that are suffering to do the same."

Blue October was scheduled to perform with B.o.B. and Madam Adam at the Music Farm on Thurs. Oct. 22. See and for more.

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