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Brett McKee giving away dinners for 4

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On Monday, Chef/owner Brett McKee of Oak and 17 North had back surgery. On Tuesday, he was back home, recovering. On Friday, he was thinking up ways to hand out free meals at his restaurants.

Each week through December McKee would like to treat someone going through tough times to a dinner for four at Oak or 17 North. "I want to help out someone who's in a shitty situation." He's already treated a single mom with breast cancer to a night out and thought it'd be cool to find other folks to cheer up with a memorable evening. So he's asking us to help spread the word.

People who want to submit their stories for consideration, should upload a video to YouTube and post a link to McKee's Facebook page (or the FB pages of his restaurants). He'll give away a dinner per week, per restaurant for the rest of December. The first giveaway happens on Monday, so don't delay.

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