Bully Pulpit w/ Elonzo

When: Sat., Aug. 30 2014

rock, indie, Americana, 8 p.m.

Truckers Jeremy Davis and Ben Haney double as alternative folk-rock musicians in Charlotte-based Elonzo. The band is named after Davis’ father, and its music subconsciously channels his influence. “I didn’t think much of it other than we needed a name and that seemed like a great option,” Davis says. “Looking back though, I think it in some ways is a way for us to remember him. I never got to know him as an adult, but whatever he imparted on me as a child, I feel like reflects in the music I write.” His father’s farming background is what inspired Davis to team up with Haney for a grassroots, blue-collar trucking business to sustain them while they play music. Country roots are evident in Elonzo’s rock-meets-backwoods sound, which is especially strong on the 2008 debut disc All My Life. The second and third albums carry a softer tone that’s more alternative folk than country, yet it’s still rooted in rock ‘n’ roll. Elonzo’s latest collection — last year’s Salt in the Wound. Flesh on the Bone. — embodies their current indie-folk-rock sound the most, although the band is already looking ahead to the next record. “The songs I have been writing are much more catchy and stripped down in a way than what I have done before,” says Davis. For now, Elonzo’s on the road again. “When I’m home on a Friday night and all my friends are on their respective social media posting about the shows they are playing, it drives me nuts. I want to be out there and be a part of it,” says Davis. —Kalyn Oyer SATURDAY

Price: $5

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