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BY THE NUMBERS ‌ Good Grades?



Perception is a funny thing. It doesn’t matter if George Bush is doing a good job, only if voters think he’s doing a good job. Perception really isn’t working to the president’s advantage these days, but schools in South Carolina seem to be receiving more favor in the 21st Century. A recent study commissioned by the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee found there are more As and Bs when parents were asked to rate public schools than a similar poll in 1998. There are fewer Ds and Fs and about the same number of Cs. The problem is that grading something without clear objectives becomes horribly subjective. Does a C represent average or adequate? Does an A mean exceptional or that schools are meeting expectations? Well, enough rainy-day analysis. Charleston schools will be getting a different test in a few weeks when voters go to the polls, so consider this the pre-test.


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