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To save gay marriage, liberals must become conservative on illegal aliens



In electing Barack Obama, many liberals thought we might be closer to an America where race wouldn't matter. But for California progressives, the same election proved that race mattered more than ever.

California's gay marriage ban referendum, more commonly known as Proposition 8, passed 52-48 percent. While whites narrowly opposed the ban 51-49 percent , blacks overwhelmingly supported the measure 70-30 percent. The close margin amongst whites was a reminder that the so-called Left Coast partially remains the state that gave us Ronald Reagan. The trouncing of gay marriage by blacks was a reminder that while they might vote Democrat as a matter of race, inheritance, and perhaps economics, African-Americans consistently remain more socially conservative than their European-American countrymen.

So do America's largest minority. Although they didn't defeat gay marriage by as wide a margin, Hispanics voted for Prop. 8 53-47 percent. While there have been concerns about illegal aliens voting in California elections for years, the majority of Hispanic voters in this election were legal residents.

In an article at, Los Angeles-based, Spanish-language talk show host Fernando Espuelas wrote, "For the past few weeks, Latinos have called in to my radio show, horrified at the idea of same-sex marriage. Callers said they would vote for Obama for change — and for Proposition 8. They told me that the future of their family was at stake. Biblical passages were quoted, divinely inspired indignation given voice. The vision of a collapsed society, where men abandon their wives in droves to 'become gay,' consumed these callers."

On gay marriage, Catholic California Hispanics sound a lot like evangelical South Carolina whites. I don't know of a single gay activist who honestly believes same-sex marriage is possible, via a state referendum, in S.C. anytime soon. Are California progressives prepared to inherit the same surrender?

Most progressives are open-border champions whose only problem with the Bush approved, McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill last year, was that it didn't give illegal aliens enough rewards. Agreeing with Sen. Lindsey Graham, that amnesty opponents were "bigots," liberals did their multicultural duty in embracing the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S., a significant portion of which reside in California.

Republican victories hinge almost entirely upon white votes. So does gay marriage. And increasingly multiethnic America could be as suicidal for gay marriage as it might be for the Republican Party. In voting in their own economic interests, minorities will continue to support Democrats, but they will also remain socially conservative, per California's recent example. Social liberalism has always been the white man's gig, and the more progressive the politics, the more Caucasian the constituency. The racial make-up of the typical Green Party meeting looks like a hippie version of a standard GOP gathering.

The problem with illegal immigration in the United States is not the mere fact that people are coming here from different cultures — but that too many are arriving too quickly, rendering assimilation completely impossible. Math, human nature, and basic observation tells us that Mexicans aren't becoming American; they are turning portions of America into Mexico. As a conservative, I find this deplorable and jealously want to guard my own.

Multiculturalism has always been a prominent part of the progressive gospel, but embracing amnesty could easily doom any future for gay marriage. Los Angeles is currently home to more Hispanics than any other city except for Mexico City. California progressives must now ask themselves this question: by continuing to support a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens, are homosexuals prepared to block — permanently — any pathways to the altar for their own?

Currently, the 52-48 percent vote to ban gay marriage is not an insurmountable number, but it would be the moment California's illegal aliens were given the right to vote. Blacks are not immigrating to California in droves, so their anti-gay marriage votes will remain relatively the same in the future. The Catholic Church supported Prop. 8 as strongly as it has amnesty, the latter being a position many see as an attempt to fill their pews with new Hispanic Catholics. California progressives whose anti-racism prevents them from being "prejudiced" toward illegal aliens will soon find these "huddled masses" will have no qualms in being prejudiced toward homosexuals — in the churches, in the streets, and in the voting booth.

If there is to be any hope for a more liberal marriage policy in future referenda, California progressives must become conservative on illegal immigration. And for those who still insist on trying to have their wedding cake and eat tacos, too, remember: You let them come here, and they don't like gays. Get used to it.

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