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Celebrate Friday the 13th with $13 tats

Very superstitious


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Do you purposefully walk under every ladder? Seek out black cats? Open umbrellas inside all the time? Then why not permanently mark your affinity — or respect — for superstition with some $13 ink.

Blu Gorilla tattoo parlor (105 Eagle Road, Ste. C, Goose Creek) will be inking up a few lucky folk today. But there are a few stipulations for these tattoos: only one tattoo per person (a recent change); no appointments,  first come, first serve walk-ins; and designs must be selected from a chart of various predetermined options, all including the number 13. Blu Gorilla's downtown location will not be offering this special.

In the past there's been a big turnout with waits sometimes several hours long, so arrive early — doors open at noon — if you want to ensure some fresh ink.


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