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Celebrating Social Primer’s bow tie launch




Tuesday night we crashed a bow tie launch party at Brooks Brothers. We do realize how ridiculous that sounds, but this is Charleston — are you really surprised? Now, in Manhattan, where BB hosted a similar party last week, the concept was a bit more foreign. But on King Street, just a stone’s throw from the mansions South of Broad, it seemed like just about any old bash — albeit a good one.

The occasion was the launch of the Social Primer for Brooks Brothers line of reversible bow ties, created by etiquette expert K. Cooper Ray. The Alabama native is now based in Charleston, where he’s working on a book version of his blog, Social Primer. Nearly all of the men in attendance embraced the bow tie theme, and even a few ladies did too, although most wore their prettiest pastel dresses. A band played beach music in the corner of the store while waiters (bow tie-clad, of course) passed around nibbles (the cookies were a highlight).

While the dress code fit in perfectly with our fair city, the crowd was a bit surprising for what seemed like an old-fashioned event; the young dandies were out in full force. Here’s hoping bow ties and civility never go out of style.

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