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Charleston Animal Society offers free adoption weekend

Feline Frenzy



Once again, the Charleston Animal Society is experiencing cat overload. Due to the down economy and people not spaying and neutering their pets, the shelter is filled to capacity with cats. Sadly, this means that cats that aren’t quickly adopted out are often euthanized. And the first to suffer are the cats that are over one year old.

“Many loving, gentle adult cats have been languishing in the shelter for weeks waiting for their ‘soul mate’ to arrive,” according to a recent CAS release. “Kittens and younger cats are adopted much more readily than adults, making it harder to find homes for older cats.”

To help find homes for older cats, the CAS is offering a free adoption weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All cats over one year old will be free. Potential new guardians still must go through the adoption process and meet shelter criteria for responsible homes.

If you can't adopt but still want to help, stop by the shelter on Remount Road to make a donation to help CAS care for the 12,000 animals they receive each year. Call (843) 747-4849 for more details.

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