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Charleston Battery players get called up for some national duties

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The Charleston Battery’s season may be over, but not all Battery players can take a vacation just yet. Midfielder Mike Azira has been called into the Ugandan national team for the Sept. 7 FIFA World Cup Qualifier against Senegal. If Uganda wins the match, they will move on to the final round of playoffs for the African qualifiers. Azira scored six goals with two assists this year so he should be a big help to the Ugandan squad. In addition to Azira, the Battery’s midfielders Bryce Alderson and Ben Fisk have been named as part of the Canadian U-21 men’s national team for the Francophone Games. The games will take place Sept. 3 to September 15 in Nice, France, and the top two teams from Canada’s division will qualify for the semifinals. Congratulations are in order! We’d pour you all champagne, but you’ve all got games this weekend and we’d hate to be the reason you show up hungover at the big game.

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