Charleston Bees and Honey

Larry Sexton not only raises honeybees, he’ll remove wild bees from people’s property. He has 40 to 50 hives that make up Charleston Bees and Honey. All the honey he collects and sells is raw; Sexton simply gathers it from the hive and then strains and bottles it for sale. People can call him (he does most of his orders by phone) to buy his special homemade honey peanut butter or just a plain ole’ jar of honey – a pint retails at $11. You can find Charleston Bees and Honey at Charleston Petal Pushers on Main Road, Charleston Speciality Foods, and Sugar Bakeshop on Cannon. Sexton even helps pollinate a farm for the Jenkin’s Orphanage. He’s gained clients primarily through word of mouth and, of course, referrals from the City of Charleston’s Department of Animal Control.

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