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Charleston Center for Photography in danger of closing

Center asking patrons for help



The Charleston Center for Photography sent out a mayday call today to friends and supporters. “Without additional contributions from CCforP customers, the Center will be forced to close,” says CCforP Director Stacy Pearsall.

One of Charleston’s premiere photography studios, the CCforP provides exhibits, free lectures, and classes to the public. It has been open since 2002.

How can you help keep the Center alive in our community? Sign up for a class, buy a gift certificate for a friend, or stop by their booth at the Green Fair Sunday and buy a fine art print. Become a member of the CCforP, or if you already are one, upgrade to pro status.

The Center is currently offering a $50 discount on six-week courses or a $15 discount on one-day workshops. Just type this promo code in the comments box when you sign up online: foto4fun.

“I have full confidence that anyone who has been to CCforP is aware if its value and will want to help,” Pearsall says. We concur.

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