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Charleston Comedy Fest 2019

LOL, y'all



This is my third year at the helm of City Paper's Comedy Fest coverage. Hosted by Charleston's fine alt-weekly and the showstoppers over at Theatre 99, this annual festival continues to remind me just how much great local comedy we have in this city. Seriously, have y'all seen it too? In addition to the improv and sketch comedy you can catch over at Theatre 99, the number of open mic stand-up nights seems to have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Heck, there's even a Facebook page, Charleston Comedy Scene, devoted to sharing local comedy events, people, places, and things (shout out to organizer and comedian/emcee extraordinaire Keith Dee, who's also hosting this year's sold-out stand-up showcase). And I'm just talking about local talent here. Needless to say visiting acts this year are a pretty big deal, too. When it comes to headliners we've got two Jamies, one Scovel, and three performers with wildly different world views. Because that's what comedy is, after all. It's a reflection of our society — every part of it. Come out to laugh, y'all, but pay attention too. Some of these jokes hit closer to home than ever before. ­—Connelly Hardaway

See the full Charleston Comedy Festival 2019 lineup

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