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The Charleston Podcast Issue

Old loves and new faves



I think I started listening to what would eventually be called podcasts before they got that name by using janky workaround apps to load up my beautiful 1st generation iPod. Mostly technology shows about Apple, politics, and public radio shows made available online, if I remember correctly. Suffice it to say, I've had podcasts for my entire adult life and I don't know what I would do without them. I still listen to a few of the outgrowths of those early shows. They've served as an anchor in the storm, of sorts, outlasting many other constants in my life until that time.

In researching this week's cover story, I was excited to find so many locally produced shows in a relatively small city like ours. Not all about Charleston — shocking, I know — the low barrier to get started and the instant connection across great distances makes it easy for anyone to start recording about anything they'd like. And boy have y'all taken that to heart. So yeah, keep downloading your old standbys. But also take a look at the growing list of shows featuring your Charleston neighbors. —Sam Spence