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Cone 10 relocating to Morrison Drive

See Ya Later Soiree set for Thursday



After nearly a decade on Meeting Street, Cone 10 Studios is firing their gas kiln for the last time on May 27 and closing up shop June 1. They're relocating to 1074 Morrison Drive, in the up-and-coming NoMo neighborhood.

“It’s twice the size of the place we have now. We’re hoping for more room for a studio, a gallery, and classes,” says Betsy Carter, a resident artist and financial coordinator for Cone 10. If they’re able to secure the space, they hope to expand their classes and membership options, since their current space limits them to hosting only a handful of people at a time. They also plan to have more kilns.

Susan Filley founded Cone 10 in 2000 under the name Clay Works. She moved back to North Carolina in 2005, and the store was renamed Cone 10. It became a gallery, classroom, and workspace for local artists and hobbyists practicing in papermaking, pottery, and more.

As a thank you to the community, Cone 10 hosts a See Ya Later Soiree on Thurs. May 27 from 5-9 p.m. “It’s a way for us to celebrate with the community. We want to thank everyone for their support these past 10 years,” Carter says. The party will feature the last set of pottery fresh from the kiln, as well as food, refreshments, and memory sharing.

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